Friday, December 3, 2010

So Here's The News...

I have put this off for so long.
I have seriously neglected posting anything other than pic posts for the past few months simply because I was kind of... not telling... for a while... that I am prego.
Me, who shouted from the rooftops I was done at two has a bun in the ol' oven. Just over six months in fact.
I am not going to sugarcoat this post- it was completely unexpected... and I was not thrilled at first... okay- or even now. HOWEVER, that being said, I AM fine with it now and I know without a doubt that this baby chose our family and we are going to be so blessed by her. Yup- her. Not only was she unexpected... (notice I am not saying unplanned... thats on purpose people) but she is also a she. When we found out we were expecting we were positive that meant Ben was getting his boy. Why else would we get knocked up whilst on the 99% affective pill? (I warned ya'll I wasn't sugarcoating...)
Anyway, the ultrasound was a couple weeks ago and there was very little doubt as to what our baby is. She gave us a nice, clear spread eagle shot. Now, unless there is something very anatomically wrong with our little boy I am fairly certain its a little girlie in there.
Were we disappointed? Yup. Was I surprised? Nope. I really feel like Heavenly Father gives us little signs sometimes to prepare us for things in life, and the two weeks prior to our ultrasound I had probably five dreams about having a little girl and whenever I thought about what it might be I knew. I wish Ben was getting a boy to "pass on his man knowledge" to, (his words not mine) but I guess one (or all) of our girls will be fluent in "guy-ese".
I do wish we hadn't told as many people what we were hoping for because the awkward pauses and then quick reassurances from well meaning people start to make me a little tired. (Although, if you know me at all you know I do love an awkward pause for the most part... and this isn't sarcasm either!)
I am actually okay with having only girls, I kinda love the heck out of the two I already have and I have already come up with a few positives of having another one...

*I don't have to send a son out on a mission. (Now watch- all my girls will decide to serve!) Listen, I know its a blessing, but honestly I can hardly stand grocery shopping without my kids.

*The circumcision debate. Yup, when it was up in the air as to what were having I had already had four people tell me what I HAD to do. Divided opinions.

*I am not gonna have to buy anything! (Now thats not to say I am not GOING to buy anything... I just don't have to...)

*Girls pictures are so much cuter. Kel, Mandy and I are already making plans.

*Girls clothes are cuter.

*Headbands for babies are just getting cuter and cuter

So, I will love this little girl after she is born. She is getting an amazing dad and the two best big sisters a girl could hope for, and life will be great. Now we just have to come up with a name...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I LOVE Autumn!!!!!!

Here is the little girlie's reward for being good during conference... surprise surprise- they wanted another photoshoot!!! Luckily- their insanely talented other mom was game and Kel took some amazing shots!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Family Pics...

So mad props to Kelsey for so many things, but right now I am talking especially about being the bestest best friend and taking some seriously awesome pics of my family! I love them so much!!! Here are just a couple of my faves... I am so lucky to have an insanely talented best friend!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I can officially die happy now...

So I got to have my dream come true this past week. For the past few years I have been slightly obsessed with Michael Buble. He is my number one, all-time favorite singer and I was dying to go to his concert. So when I found out he was coming to Calgary- you best believe I was all the freak over that!

However, when I went to buy tickets I discovered that they were soooo expensive. The cheapest tickets left were near the top for 118 dollars. I just couldn't justify spending it. Not for horrible seats. So I figured I would have to settle with watching his concert dvds over and over, again and again.

But then-

Two weeks ago one of my friends and co-workers Cheryl approached me and asked me if I was going to the concert. I said no, and she went on to tell me that one of her clients was trying to get rid of her tickets for 50 bucks each. I was up and getting my money out before Cheryl had finished talking. Yup. in all 65 bucks and I was going to see my guy!

So we got there, and were on our way to our seats. I am not going to lie- they sucked. They were about as far and as high up as you can get. But I figured, you know what? Its Michael Buble! 65 dollars. Worth it. We walked past the door to get up to our seats and as we were turning around this random Saddledome worker guy walks up to us and asks "Is it just the two of you?" We told him yes, so then he asks us- "Do you want floor seats?"

Insert joke (that I hate- mind you) about bears defecating in the woods here. Only heck yeah!!!

Well, down the rabbit hole we go, and honestly- I am expecting to get turned back around and sent right back up into exile- but alas- they were legit!! Row 31 was a serious improvement over Siberia.

Naturally 7 opens for him- (seriously- youtube them... they were amazing!!!) and then HE gets on stage. My. Heart. Stopped. He was freaking amazing!!!!

So halfway through this amazing, funny, entertaining show Michael, or Mikey B as I call him now, hops off the stage and saunters... (surrounded by a million huge security guys...) down our aisle!!! Literally- inches away from us. Cheryl is having a heart attack at this point and I am having a very serious inner battle- I am sure its a struggle that many people have to come to grips with in their lives, and it is probably the hugest decision I've ever made- Touch him or Take his picture.

I went with picture. I mean, eventually I'm gonna have to wash my hands right? And anyway, Ben's and my wedding picture was getting a little outdated on my bookshelf. It totally needed replaced.

(I know its kind of blurry- my camera decided to die right around this time. We're standing right next to the people with the old hands.)

And if that isn't exciting enough, we turn around and they, unbeknownst to us- set up a freaking stage right behind our seats!

So he sings a few songs there and he was amazing and we got some sweet videos compliments of Cheryl's iPhone. Our night is made right? Nope. (And here's the part where I go all crazy teenage hormone-driven fangirl-) Cheryl and I were standing on our chairs which put us eye to eye with him on the stage. If we had stepped down instead of standing on them we would have been at the stage, but in all the craziness this never really occurred to us till after. Anyway, I was desperately trying to get a good picture of him except the spotlight was shining right directly on him, thus shining right on us. All of a sudden, he sees my camera, realizes what the issue is and tries to block the light for us and poses for my picture!!! Eye contact people. I felt it. He felt it. It was magical.

Hand up to block the light...

Leaning out to smile for me...

Anyway, it was one of the best nights of my life and I am so lucky I had a friend like Cheryl to hook me up. And Kel- I promise- next time you're coming!!!!!!

Here's a nice closing shot to remember him by...

Heres the video of him posing for me...

Monday, July 5, 2010


K. I totally screwed up my blog! HELP!!! How do I undo what I did!? I tried changing the design and got it to the point that i can't even change my background! Why do I pretend to know how to do computer stuff when I so obviously can't!? Does anyone know how to undo changes after using the new blogger design stuff? Am I being entirely too broad and need to specify what I did? I hope not because I couldn't even begin to tell you what I did. Kelsey... come home and help me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Little Ballerina...

Last week was Grace's ballet recital. She did so well and didn't even get nervous! She still keeps asking me when her next recital is because she loved being on stage so much... (which shocks me due to the shyness factor that affects this kid!)
I am so proud of her and am really looking forward to more recitals! It was so fun.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dead Babies? Are you freaking kidding me!?

I just have to get something off my chest. I don't know if anyone reading this did this, (hope not...) I don't know if anyone reading this wholeheartedly agrees with them... (I don't) and I don't even know if anyone reading this saw them... I did.
The other day I was driving home and went through the intersection by the University. There were five picket signs and a ton of protesters standing on each corner. On those signs- that you literally COULD NOT get away from due to their volume- were dead fetuses. Covered in blood. It was so friggen shocking to me and I cannot believe these people. The protest was for abortion and it was Pro-life. Now, here's the thing. I am totally pro-life. I am against abortion as well. Totally. However- I do not, in anyway, support people holding up the hugest signs ever covered in dead babies! I had Kai in my car, luckily Grace wasn't with me- because try explaining that to a four year old. I do not sugarcoat things for the most part with her. We are very honest with our kids, however that is no more appropriate for my four year old to see than it is for me to see! It was seriously disturbing to me, so I can only imagine what it would have done to my little girl.
Let me be clear, I am only expressing my opinion on my own blog. I don't wanna seem like a hypocrite here, but I just really feel like there is a time and a place for things and this was neither of them. It was at rush hour, and I am certain it was planned that way, so a TON of people saw it and it was on one of the busiest streets in the city, especially due to construction. I guess I just want to know why some people think it is ok to bombard you with their opinions. I would never try to change someones opinion by force ever! I am OK that people think and believe different things. I am ok that we don't all agree on everything. So why is it acceptable for different groups, be it anti-abortion, gay rights, religious zealots, etc, etc- to try and push their opinions down your throat?! And don't even get me started on questioning why only certain groups seem to be acceptable or PC in doing so... that's a whole other blog post.
It rubbed me the wrong way and I had to get it off my chest. I would really rather not drive down the street in my city and have to take in the spectacle of anything that inappropriate again. But I'm sure I will.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Where I'm At... (today anyway...)

So, for grad, we got my sister in law this book that is full of lists you fill out about yourself. Sort of a biography... (autobiography...?) Anyway, I loved the idea and it got me thinking about my lists of faves. Since I use this as sort of an unofficial journal sometimes, I am gonna put down a small list of my faves right now. (Keep in mind this is a completely superficial list. I am in no way going deep or meaningful here.)

*Shreddies. I go through the weirdest food phases, and Shreddies are my go-to right now.

*People magazine. No phase- I've read it every single week for pretty much the past five years.

*Forever 21. Pretty much everything I own is from there. Its cheap. Its cute. And the shipping is free if you spend over 75 dollars. What more can you ask for?

*Perfume. I have specific faves, but I have a collection of like twenty bottles in my bathroom. I lovelovelove smelling nice things- and its nice when I'm one of those things.

*New clothes for my girls. I get such a weird rush when I get them something cute- I already plan the next photoshoot that we'll take in them.

*Photoshoots. I am definitely addicted. Mandy started me on them and now that Kel is taking pics I am a lost cause. There ain't no going back.

*No-Bake Cookies. Also known as Haystacks, Cowpies...(eww!) and Macaroon Cookies. Yum!

*Anthropologie. I cannot afford a dang thing, but it is the first thing I have on my "when I win the lottery "list.

*Phantom of the Opera. The music, the movie... the play- even though I haven't seen it- YET. Even the sequel... k, the sequel's music anyway. Best part? Grace is just as addicted.

*The Jasmine Room. I'm so happy I have discovered this little gem!

*The last photoshoot Kel and I did. I am only gonna post one of the pics, because I put the album on fb, but honestly... I adore it so much!

There are so many more things, but those are my start. Everyone should take the time to do this at some point or another. Its kinda fun to look back and see what has changed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Its what I'm here for...

So, Mother's Day.
I know- its passed. But I have been so busy and am now just getting to it...

I am so thankful to be a mommy. I look back at the times before and I wonder how I didn't realize I was missing something. I love being a mom to my girls more than anything. I am so blessed that Heavenly Father let me have these two little princesses. I am so blessed that they chose me. I sometimes wonder what I did to make them want me out of all the other mommys. I try, every day, to do all I can to prove myself worthy of the honor.

Heres what I know- I have the best little family ever, I love them more than anything in the world. I would do anything for them and I am grateful for them every single day.

Also, I totally love my mom. She pretty much rocks my socks.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture Update...

So I promised my step-mom-in-law that I would put up a bunch of recent pics. This was three weeks ago. Sorry Lor. I did mean to do it sooner...

We went swimming for family home evening with Todd and Lori's family- so fun! Grace and Calli... (Grace's aunt...) had so much fun together!
Then that weekend we went to Todd and Lori's to see Ben's aunt and uncle and their girls...(all six of them!) who were down from Utah.
Easter Time!!! The girls were following the candy trail the Easter Bunny left...
Then we were off to my grandparents for dinner and an egg hunt... So fun!!
Grace and her new puppy Lilly... ok, she's my mom's, but Grace seems to have a hard time understanding that...
Gracie and her cousin Katie
Yay for the first thunderstorm!!!! After dinner yesterday we HAD to take advantage of those puddles! I lovelovelove puddle-jumping!
Yup. Holding a snowball whilst puddle-jumping in the spring...
Grace actually got quite into it...
But I had to show her what a real splash looked like...