Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

Every year I get really geared up for Christmas. I love love love it! I put my tree up Remembrance Day weekend, I have my iPod loaded with Christmas music the day after Halloween and I start Christmas baking mid November. I do not tire of the music, I don't mind the shopping.. although I have been done by November the past two years... and I love the craziness of it.

I just wanted to post a couple of my favorite memories from this year's holidays...

Twelve Days of Christmas... it was a new tradition for us and one we'll definitely keep!
Visits with Santa...
Our annual gift opening with Pankhurst's.. slash goofy photoshoot!
Getting quality time in with my favorite people...
Christmas Eve! My favorite night of the year!
Christmas jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Carlson...
Santa cookies and milk...(and the baking and decorating that goes with those cookies!)
Santa gifts!!!

Most importantly- family.
And last but definitely cutest... Christmas Photoshoots! (Ok, I wasn't actually there for this photoshoot, but Kel did such a great usual!!)