Monday, January 19, 2009

Does it seem to anyone else like babies all of a sudden get all grown up- really fast!? It seems like just last month Kai was so little and couldn't do anything but sleep, eat and sleep some more. Now she HAS to be standing all the time, she is sitting up, and we've started feeding her baby food. With Grace time seemed to kind of crawl, and I think thats because I was waiting (with bated breath!) for every milestone. They have snuck up and by on us with Kai, and all of a sudden she is six months old and no longer my little baby! I am so excited for Grace to have her little sister be able to run and play with her, but it is coming a lot faster than I expected!

Grace was reading to Kai the other night while I ran downstairs, I came back up to find her telling her- "Its okay baby, I'm here. Mommy will be right back. Don't worry."

We have gotten to spend a lot more time with the Pankhursts, (as I have previously mentioned) and it is so much fun to watch Grace and Sophie play together! They are so cute, because for the first ten minutes Grace pretends that she doesn't want to play, and then, lo and behold, up she gets and has so much fun! (We already have some GREAT blackmail videos!)
I can't wait for Kelsey and Spencer's baby to get here and get big enough for Kai to make memories with!
Here are some pictures of the girls entertaining us...

(They were playing Ring A-Round the Rosie)

Playing with Grace's Barbie House... (I don't
know where Grace's pants are!)

Coloring... Sophie is just seeing if its ok to smile

Ummmm, I think they were "dancing" here

I know its fuzzy, but its so cute! They were
doing their Ballet!

So, not only is Kaia growing up, but Grace all of a sudden has decided that she should be a big girl too! This is not a big deal for those who have outgoing children, but I was just so proud... We got a new nursery leader in our ward this week. I was really worried, b/c Sister Byam is just so loved by Grace... (and everyone!) Anyway, I found out on Tuesday, and so all week we were jazzing Grace up, and getting her prepared to be in the Big Kid nursery. I took her in, expecting the worst, feeling so bad for the poor new sister who has to deal with the wrath my child is undoubtedly about to unveil, and... nothing! She leans toward Sister Swendsen, turns to me and says "Bye". Talk about the shock of my life! Kelsey (who was dropping Soph off) looked about as shocked as I felt! What a relief!!!!!!

Grace on her way to Big Kid Nursery!

My goofy girl

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My "Job"

I was watching my girls today and I realized (as I often tend to do) how lucky I truly am. I love my girls so much! I love watching Kaia laugh her head off at Grace's dancing. I love watching Grace put on her millionth dance show, I even love listening to Grace sing a long to "Minty Christmas". (For those of you who are wondering what exactly this is- its the My Little Pony Christmas dvd that we seem to watch about, oh every single day!)
My girls are why I am here! They are the best thing I have ever done. I sort of never gave much thought to what I wanted to be "when I grew up", and while I still haven't quite accomplished the whole growing up thing, I do know what I want to be- a mom.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year!!

Time To Unwind...

Christmas came and went, and I am going to be honest... I am glad. Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays, but it is kind of a relief when things calm down. We had a great Christmas, we got to see all of our family, and friends, and were totally spoiled! Now that it is over and done with though, I actually feel like we get to spend some quality time with everyone. (And that is so nice!)

Christmas Eve at my Grandparents'

The Barbie House Santa brought Grace

Kai and I Christmas Morning

Ben and I on Christmas Day

Christmas Dinner with my Family

Boxing Day with Ben's Family
(Wyatt is only 11 days older than Kai!)

Kai was completely tuckered out!
And so was Grace!

So now that we are slowing down a bit, we have had the opportunity to do a few things and try a few things.We got to go out with our buddies Spencer and Kelsey for a grown up dinner, (albeit Kai was there, but she slept the whole time!) We are so thankful to have them in our life. They are such great friends and we can't wait to spend the summer with them in Calgary. (Not to mention the fact that Grace and Sophie are starting to re-gain their BEST friendship!)

The Pankhursts... So cute!
We have also started Kaia on rice cereal, and so far it seems to be going well. Grace tries to help her, that doesn't go quite as well. We also have Kaia sleeping through the night in her crib now, and I have to say, it feels like the biggest accomplishment thus far in my parenting career! (We got ten hours straight last night and I feel like a million bucks!)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the past two weeks, I hope everyone is enjoying the new year, we sure are!

Kaia in the Bumbo

Our poor teething baby...

Grace reading to Soph...