Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tuesday's Child is full of Grace...

I never knew what I wanted out of life. When I was younger I didn't dream about my future wedding, I didn't fantasize about the job I wanted to do, and I didn't give much thought as to what my calling in life might be. I found it on March 11, 2006. Grace was born that day and all of a sudden I discovered that my life before paled in comparison to what it had just become.
I am a mom and that, to me, is just the best thing anyone could ever be.
That little chickie turned four this week. To tell you the truth, it wasn't as big of an adjustment as I expected it to be for me though. Maybe because for the past few months we have been telling her things like, "when you turn four you have to start taking these vitamins," or "when you turn four you aren't scared of the dark anymore!" Unfortunately for us, it may have backfired slightly, because on her actual bday she was fighting us saying she isn't four yet. Whoops.
There are a few different sides to Grace, she is really shy, which we are working on quite a bit, but under that shyness she is such a fun kid! She loves to dance and she loves to sing. Especially "Empire State of Mind" by Alicia Keys. Seriously, has the whole thing down pat.
She seriously has a mind of her own, and lately I am beginning to feel why some parents have a hard time. I keep on reminding myself that we all have to be tested in various ways to reach our full potential... and Grace is only just getting started! I want to be the best Mom I can, so I just started to look at it as a challenge I must overcome and I just need to deal with each thing in the best way I possibly can.
This little girl teaches me more than just patience though, she has taught me what it feels like to have my whole entire world wrapped up in one little body. She has shown me that once I became a mom the whole world looked like both a place filled with life and endless opportunities, but it is also a place filled with failure and a ton of freakin dangers. I want the best for Grace and I want to be the best for her. I love this girl more than I even knew I could and I am so incredibly grateful to have her as my daughter.