Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blessings in Our Life

***Well, we got to bless our little girl over the weekend. It was so nice to have all of our immediate family there to witness it, and Kaia showed how appreciative she was by being a perfect little angel the whole night! I am always so happy when we can all get together for one reason or another, although Grace didn't quite feel the same! She spent the whole night in the arms of Uncle Scotty or Aunt Brit, and pretty much refused to take any pictures! I am always so confused as to why we have such a shy child, since neither Ben or I have the tendency to act that way, (particularly around her!) Oh well, I still love her just the same!

Our pretty lil'

"Mama" gettin' a snuggle just before the blessing***

Carlson Family... (Its so cute how my Ben has to squat down to be the same height! He's still one of us even if he is a giant!)

Grandpa Todd (We missed Grandma Lori, but she had to stay home with the kids)

Ben's family... even in my tall shoes I am shorter than my "little" sister Lexie

Our newlywed buddies "Uncle Ben and Aunt Shay"

Our beautiful Grace before we actually went out to the blessing... see, it was just the crowds!!!

Kaia with her Daddy
and Mommy

Ben just went back to work and so its back to me and the babes for a couple weeks. Maybe I will have Grace closer to being potty trained by the time he gets back. (Or at least have given her the desire again anyway!)
All of our friends are back in town from their various summer activities, so we get to look forward to having a lot more "friend time", which is always so fun! (Even if we have to drive out to Raymond for most of it, seeing how TONS of our pals are now residing out there!!)
So, on a completely separate topic I just want to say that I am so thankful for my family and how much joy they bring me! I have realized lately how important it is to appreciate my husband and children. Its funny, b/c we sometimes get caught up in the "drama of life", whether it be our own stuff or other people's issues, and when we take a step back and evaluate what really matters, it is quite obvious! We have this amazing little family that I always prayed I would have. I get such a sense of peace when I realize that nothing else is as important as how the four of us treat each other and love each other. There just is nothing better than being the wife and mother to my family!

Friday, September 12, 2008

So, I am not going to be very good at keeping up with this whole blog thing it seems, (hopefully I get better!) Ben is off to work again and so the girls and I keep pretty busy! Grace has a new addiction... Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I actually don't mind that though since she can now count to twelve... (although after twelve she then says "fourteen, sixteen, nineteen..." oh well, at least she knows that those are numbers!) Kaia is growing and growing. She is now just below ten pounds and has grown out of all her newborn outfits. So, although she has digestive problems, she is at least healthy in that respect. We are looking forward to fall, with it comes the pretty leaves, watching Uncle Scotty play hockey, Halloween, (Grace is already asking me every day if she can dress up IN Halloween... doesn't quite get it I guess.), and three of our bestest best buddies are moving back! Thats right, Grace gets her Sophie back, I get my Kelsey back and Ben and Spence get to carry on their love affair! (Oh I am going to get in trouble for that one!) Best of all, we get to be involved with them welcoming their new one this winter!! (So Kaia gets to meet her new best friend/possible boyfriend!) We can't wait!

Special Sister Time... (I kinda think Grace is more into these pics than Kaia!)

Our Beautiful Gracie... Ever the poser! (As long as pictures are her idea that is!)

Daddy enjoying time with his girls while he's home. (Only love between a daddy and daughter would get my 6" 6 husband into a tiny little "tent" slash motor home! Apparently its a motor home when you're play sleeping in it, but the rest of the time its a tent. ...Just in case you were wondering.)

Our little "gangsta baby"- I vow to have a child that loves hats!!!
Hanging out with her great grandma "Grandy" Little. Already buddies!