Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby Smiles

Have you ever noticed that on those days when things aren't really going as smoothly as you would like, there is always that "saving grace" (pardon the pun...) at the end. (Or at least usually there is!) I have found that when the girls are crying inconsolably or whining relentlessly, (or just in general out of sorts,) I am counting the minutes until bedtime. And it never seems to fail that when I lay those pretty little girls down I will get an "I love you Mommy", or "You're so pretty Mommy" or even just a sweet little smile, and immediately I have forgotten why I needed the break. I am such a lucky Mom, and I count each and every single day as a blessing b/c I get another chance to get to know these chicks a little better. (And for those odd days when I don't get the cute little line, there is always donuts and cookie dough!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love my Kids... Really I Do...

There are a few things that I have learned from having two children. I didn't really expect things to be that different... alas I was delusional. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE having both my girls- I've just discovered some new stuff.

*WHINING* There are actually many variations of whining! Lo and behold there is the "hurt whine", "the tired whine", "the jealous whine", "the bored whine", "the shy whine", "the scared whine", "the tired whine... (the "man- if I wasn't LDS wine"... thats a joke, in case you missed it.) Yeah, I could go on and on, and the saddest part is- I am still hearing new ones, and we've only just begun!

*SHOWERS* Well, shower time has been cut down drastically, and I've gotta say... it wasn't much to start with! Cutting down five minutes to two and a half really forces you to perfect the art of a quick shower! However, I am pretty darn good at figuring out which part of my legs people might not see, thus saving myself from wasting my time doing unnecessary shaving. Gross- maybe, Necessary- you bet!)

*TRAMPOLINES AND BUMMERS* No, no, I am not referring to the trampolines in many a backyard... I am speaking of my bed! Grace has discovered jumping on my bed is a source of great amusement for herself. Of course this was only after her sister was born and often is found laying on it! Its amazing how close my little girl comes to "bumming" near Kaia's head. Truly.

*DUSTING* The discovery of a Swiffer is probably one of the biggest triumphs of my parental life. I cannot tell you how many times I am trying to feed Kaia and at that exact moment we HAVE to play soccer, (or some variation of a game that is pretty near impossible to play while feeding an infant.) However, rarely am I turned down when I instead suggest that we get rid of all the dust first. Not only am I saved from a toddler tantrum, but my house gets a little bit cleaner, (and now that Febreze joined forces with those little dusters my house gets a burst of freshness as well!) I really should write the Swiffer creator and thank him/her profusely!

*SYNCHRONIZED CRYING* It always amazes me how when one is freaking out, the other often pipes in! Its actually a little impressive at times, I mean these girls really know how to cry! In unison, in melody, I think at times they even have rounds going on. My old choir director would be proud!

* LOVE* Yeah, I'll go mushy for a sec. I will be honest, I was worried that I wouldn't care about Kaia as much as Grace, or maybe that some of my love for Grace would have to be transferred over to Kaia. I admit that this was my main concern from the time the Doc confirmed my being prego. I really didn't want to share my love for Grace b/c I just adored her so stinking much!

Now, EVERYONE said that my heart just grows and there is always equal amounts for every child. No sharing- just more.
I scoffed.
I was wrong.
Its weird, b/c I have actually tried analyzing the situation, (not real sure thats a conducive way to spend my time, but it is what it is) It turns out there really is no way to describe it for me- its not really different love, its not really the same, its just love. Plain and simple. (And that is what gets me through the whining, the near-death jumps and the crying!)