Thursday, November 26, 2009

Halloween, Haircuts and Ballet, Oh My!

Wow! I cannot believe that it is less than a month till Christmas!!!
Here is a rundown of our last couple months...
Halloween... Grace was a Fairy Princess (for the second year in a row! At least it was a different costume right?) Kaia was a ladybug... still brings me the costume on occasion... Ben was a... wait for it... rigger. Super original! Loved it. I was a football player... Ben Roethlisberger to be exact. Out we went and it was super fun! Coulda done without the wind... but who are we kidding, we live in Lethbridge and if it isn't wind it is five feet of snow.

A couple weeks later we put up our Christmas stuff... (I know... I was eager!) Grace is super into the Christmas spirit this year and I love it!!! I am so happy that I have a daughter that seems to love Christmas as much as I do! And I keep trying to instil upon her the true meaning, so she sometimes lets me know, "Mom, we celebrate our brother Jesus' birthday at Christmas and he watches over us and keeps us. (... I think she means safe, being as that is part of her nightly prayers...) So His Father is happy about that."
I think she's getting it...

Last weekend we went to the mall to see Santa and his reindeer, and Grace was so excited!! It was so fun to see all the kids get really excited for their arrival. Nothing like a humongous crowd of kids singing Santa Clause is Coming to Town to get you into the spirit of things! Grace had told me she was going to be nice to Santa this year, because he was so nice, so off we went to sit on his lap. Yup, only stood in line for one hour and fifteen minutes. Well worth the wait though! I mean, come on! We got our picture taken with not just Santa, but Santa AND Blitzen!

Then that night we got home and Grace, (who had been asking for it for the past five weeks like every couple days...) asked me again if I would cut her hair. At first she wanted it "like Britty's" but once we got it to her shoulders she kinda changed her mind. We still ended up taking 9 inches off though, so it definitely is noticeable! I find it pretty cute, and she seems to really like it, BUT she looks older to me now, which I could do without.

And then last week, we got to go watch Grace and Sophie in their ballet class. So my parents, sister, brother in law, grandparents and I went into the studio and viewed their practice. SO cute! The best part for Kel and I was watching Grace and Sophie ensure they were side by side the entire time. Those two would not stop holding hands and the one time a little girl got in between them, Grace automatically sat down so the girl had to let go of her hand, Grace then stood up, ran behind her, grabbed Sophie's hand and pulled her to a different part of the circle. Yup, they still love each other, even living in different places didn't diminish their friendship.

Anyway, I am super excited for the next month, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and everything the season entails. Heres to hoping its the best one yet!!!