Friday, March 25, 2011

I made it!!!!

So today is a huge relief for me! I made it through work- that ended tuesday, I made it through my pedi, my wax and my hair appointments and most importantly- I got to see my little girl dance this morning- and get her first gold medal!!!!
I have been having contractions off and on for about three days or so and the doctor told me I am indeed dilated... though I didn't ask how much... so I was seriously stressed out that I wouldn't make it to this morning's competition. I am about 39 weeks and both girls were born just before 38 before... so we cut it close.
Grace and I have gotten up every single Saturday since the end of October to make it to eight thirty am rehearsals for this dance. Hour and a half rehearsals. (I am not a real morning person either.) We have practiced at home and we have missed things... (like sleeping!!) to do this. Grace is the youngest kid in the class for this, she was four when she started and the majority of the rest of the kids are about seven, so its been a pretty big deal. She took it very seriously and wanted to do such a good job- and she totally did!!!
When she walked onto stage today I seriously almost got emotional because I was so grateful to be there and see her hard work pay off. I am so proud of her and I am guessing by the medal still around her neck at this moment means she is kinda feeling the same way.

(And now, everything is checked off and we can have this baby...)

Grace and one of her AMAZING teachers Maryn...
We seriously love this chick!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Should I be freaking out???

Ahhhh!!! The answer is maybe...!! I am kind of shocked that March is here already. My list of things I really needed to do... has only grown longer! Hahahaha! This is the craziest month and I am starting to think I may not get everything done I needed to! I really should come up with a name for this baby... thats kind of one of the bigger priorities. I have about ten names, but with my first two I totally knew what they were gonna be called. This one... I am wondering if she's gonna come home "Baby Wolsey". That's an exciting thought. Gracie's bday is next week and luckily I actually planned ahead and the cake is ordered, the pool booked and the gifts are bought... so long as baby three doesn't make an early arrival we should be good there! After that we have my mom's bday, (and its an important one!!!) Grace's ballet competition (also really important!!!) and work work work. I am booked until the really booked! I am honestly praying soooo hard that I can keep this babe in until then! I really really want to finish my clients this month! So I will be sitting on my stool at work with my legs crossed really hard. (TMI? Sorry!)
I am still unsure as to whether or not our new car seat will even fit in my car with the other two... so thats kind of an important (and relatively easy one!) to check off, but hasn't gotten done. We have to figure out a new house being as the one we are currently in is only two bedrooms...
Also, by this point doctor's appts are supposed to be every week... well, I last saw my doc the first week of February and my next appt is not until the 17. Haha! Hopefully; a- the babe stays in that long and b- she isn't breach or something!
Wowza. I mean I am fairly known for being a procrastinator... but this is kind of ridiculous! Hahahaha!
Meh, everything always works out right?!