Monday, October 12, 2009

House, Ballet, Work... and Other New Happenings With the Wolsey's.

Well, it has once again been a really long time! We are now in our own house and almost fully settled in. I so appreciated my parents letting us crash there for a bit but wow is it ever nice to have your own stuff in your own space!!!
We haven't had too much new happen lately other than the big move. Work is going well for both of us, and the girls are doing really well at day home. Grace is in ballet and after a questionable start we seem to be doing great now! Every time she hears music now she feels she has to perform. In full get-up. That includes the slippers and bodysuit. It is really cute though, and I am really happy she loves it. Of course it doesn't hurt that her bestest best buddy Soph is in it with her! Kaia gets funnier and funnier every day, and we are super excited for when she gets talking for real, because we are pretty sure she is going to have quite the personality.
The other "big change" we have had is our new addition. Nope, I am not pregnant, Ben finally got a Mac. So I am typing this on his "baby" and truthfully? I don't understand too much about computers, but it looks really good, so I love it too. (Plus he is like a kid on Christmas morning
now- every day! So it can't be a bad thing!)

Our Little Ballerina....

Both our Little Ballerinas...

Gracie and her Papa
Kai and her awesome smile...(yup she still does it!)

Snow Day!!