Saturday, August 30, 2008

Here are a few of our
pictures we got a couple weeks after Kaia was born. Mandy Baker is so fetchin' talented!!!

Our New Arrival

So, I am finally doing a blog. I really have no idea what I am doing on here though, so bare with me as I learn. Kelsey convinced me that this is something I need to have, so lucky her, when she moves back she gets to help me lots and lots!! Anyway, I am going to update this a little, (since I meant to start it a month ago!) .... sorry Kel!

On July 21, Kaia Rose Wolsey was born at 11:52am. So now Ben is totally outnumbered! Poor Guy, of course now that means that I have to be prego again, (we'll try one more time for a boy.) So maybe poor me. Oh well. Grace loves having her sister around, according to her Kaia is "her baby". I am pretty grateful for that since my one stress was that Grace wouldn't deal well with the change.

Ben had to go back to work two weeks after Kaia was born, but it was sure nice to have him home for that month. Of course Grace misses her daddy like crazy (as do I) when he's gone, but it makes us really appreciate the time we have together when he is here.