Sunday, August 22, 2010

I can officially die happy now...

So I got to have my dream come true this past week. For the past few years I have been slightly obsessed with Michael Buble. He is my number one, all-time favorite singer and I was dying to go to his concert. So when I found out he was coming to Calgary- you best believe I was all the freak over that!

However, when I went to buy tickets I discovered that they were soooo expensive. The cheapest tickets left were near the top for 118 dollars. I just couldn't justify spending it. Not for horrible seats. So I figured I would have to settle with watching his concert dvds over and over, again and again.

But then-

Two weeks ago one of my friends and co-workers Cheryl approached me and asked me if I was going to the concert. I said no, and she went on to tell me that one of her clients was trying to get rid of her tickets for 50 bucks each. I was up and getting my money out before Cheryl had finished talking. Yup. in all 65 bucks and I was going to see my guy!

So we got there, and were on our way to our seats. I am not going to lie- they sucked. They were about as far and as high up as you can get. But I figured, you know what? Its Michael Buble! 65 dollars. Worth it. We walked past the door to get up to our seats and as we were turning around this random Saddledome worker guy walks up to us and asks "Is it just the two of you?" We told him yes, so then he asks us- "Do you want floor seats?"

Insert joke (that I hate- mind you) about bears defecating in the woods here. Only heck yeah!!!

Well, down the rabbit hole we go, and honestly- I am expecting to get turned back around and sent right back up into exile- but alas- they were legit!! Row 31 was a serious improvement over Siberia.

Naturally 7 opens for him- (seriously- youtube them... they were amazing!!!) and then HE gets on stage. My. Heart. Stopped. He was freaking amazing!!!!

So halfway through this amazing, funny, entertaining show Michael, or Mikey B as I call him now, hops off the stage and saunters... (surrounded by a million huge security guys...) down our aisle!!! Literally- inches away from us. Cheryl is having a heart attack at this point and I am having a very serious inner battle- I am sure its a struggle that many people have to come to grips with in their lives, and it is probably the hugest decision I've ever made- Touch him or Take his picture.

I went with picture. I mean, eventually I'm gonna have to wash my hands right? And anyway, Ben's and my wedding picture was getting a little outdated on my bookshelf. It totally needed replaced.

(I know its kind of blurry- my camera decided to die right around this time. We're standing right next to the people with the old hands.)

And if that isn't exciting enough, we turn around and they, unbeknownst to us- set up a freaking stage right behind our seats!

So he sings a few songs there and he was amazing and we got some sweet videos compliments of Cheryl's iPhone. Our night is made right? Nope. (And here's the part where I go all crazy teenage hormone-driven fangirl-) Cheryl and I were standing on our chairs which put us eye to eye with him on the stage. If we had stepped down instead of standing on them we would have been at the stage, but in all the craziness this never really occurred to us till after. Anyway, I was desperately trying to get a good picture of him except the spotlight was shining right directly on him, thus shining right on us. All of a sudden, he sees my camera, realizes what the issue is and tries to block the light for us and poses for my picture!!! Eye contact people. I felt it. He felt it. It was magical.

Hand up to block the light...

Leaning out to smile for me...

Anyway, it was one of the best nights of my life and I am so lucky I had a friend like Cheryl to hook me up. And Kel- I promise- next time you're coming!!!!!!

Here's a nice closing shot to remember him by...

Heres the video of him posing for me...