Friday, December 3, 2010

So Here's The News...

I have put this off for so long.
I have seriously neglected posting anything other than pic posts for the past few months simply because I was kind of... not telling... for a while... that I am prego.
Me, who shouted from the rooftops I was done at two has a bun in the ol' oven. Just over six months in fact.
I am not going to sugarcoat this post- it was completely unexpected... and I was not thrilled at first... okay- or even now. HOWEVER, that being said, I AM fine with it now and I know without a doubt that this baby chose our family and we are going to be so blessed by her. Yup- her. Not only was she unexpected... (notice I am not saying unplanned... thats on purpose people) but she is also a she. When we found out we were expecting we were positive that meant Ben was getting his boy. Why else would we get knocked up whilst on the 99% affective pill? (I warned ya'll I wasn't sugarcoating...)
Anyway, the ultrasound was a couple weeks ago and there was very little doubt as to what our baby is. She gave us a nice, clear spread eagle shot. Now, unless there is something very anatomically wrong with our little boy I am fairly certain its a little girlie in there.
Were we disappointed? Yup. Was I surprised? Nope. I really feel like Heavenly Father gives us little signs sometimes to prepare us for things in life, and the two weeks prior to our ultrasound I had probably five dreams about having a little girl and whenever I thought about what it might be I knew. I wish Ben was getting a boy to "pass on his man knowledge" to, (his words not mine) but I guess one (or all) of our girls will be fluent in "guy-ese".
I do wish we hadn't told as many people what we were hoping for because the awkward pauses and then quick reassurances from well meaning people start to make me a little tired. (Although, if you know me at all you know I do love an awkward pause for the most part... and this isn't sarcasm either!)
I am actually okay with having only girls, I kinda love the heck out of the two I already have and I have already come up with a few positives of having another one...

*I don't have to send a son out on a mission. (Now watch- all my girls will decide to serve!) Listen, I know its a blessing, but honestly I can hardly stand grocery shopping without my kids.

*The circumcision debate. Yup, when it was up in the air as to what were having I had already had four people tell me what I HAD to do. Divided opinions.

*I am not gonna have to buy anything! (Now thats not to say I am not GOING to buy anything... I just don't have to...)

*Girls pictures are so much cuter. Kel, Mandy and I are already making plans.

*Girls clothes are cuter.

*Headbands for babies are just getting cuter and cuter

So, I will love this little girl after she is born. She is getting an amazing dad and the two best big sisters a girl could hope for, and life will be great. Now we just have to come up with a name...