Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's 3!

My little girl turned 3. I have weird mixed feelings about it too. I am happy, because I loved 2, and I think 3 is going to be so much fun. I am happy because my little buddy is getting older and is healthy and growing well. On the other hand... I am so sad! I do not know where the past three years went! I have been with her every single day of her life and I have so many memories of her, but I feel like I've already forgotten so many more! (Thank goodness I now have a blog to record stuff!) I don't want her to grow up, but I am so proud of who she is becoming, so I guess I will suck it up and let her do what she's gonna do anyway. (Very big of me, I know.)

Anyway, I wanted to record a few of my fave memories and pictures of her from the past 3 years.
So, here they are.

1. It was sad for me, but it was probably the first time I realized how much I already loved her...
She was little when she was born, (5lbs 11oz) and fairly jaundiced. I knew NOTHING about jaundice, (including how common it is) and so when I got the call from the doctor when she was about five days old, telling me that she needed to go back to the hospital and get light treatments, I burst into tears. (which is totally not that ordinary for me!)
For the next three days I carefully took her out of the isolette, fed her and stuck her back in. The whole time my heart was broken because I was so worried about her, and I already missed holding her. Obviously she was fine. I was overreacting. Taught me something though- I already needed her and loved her more than I could have prepared myself for.

2.No specific memory sticks out in my mind, but all the bonding that we have done in the past three years. (Even when it was just a snuggle!)

3. Our first camping trip. Not a great time, but definitely memorable. Its funny now. Only took 3 years. I did love showing her Apgar though, because it is such a special family thing for us.

4. When she startes sitting up and really responding to us. I loved telling her I loved her knowing that in all likelihood she understood me.
5. One of the most rewarding things for me about having Grace is watching my Mom with her. They have had such a close bond since she was born and since I have always been so close to her as well, it is so great to see them together.
6. Her Blessing. She did so good, and Ben did so good, and it was amazing.
7. Holidays. Having a child really reminds you how much you loved them as a kid.



8.Family Pics. Sometimes she is such a ham. And I love it!

9. Meeting her sister. Seeing her with Kaia makes me so happy. She is so protective, so loving and I am really proud of the sister that she is.
10. Getting sealed. She cried her face off. (Didn't like that I couldn't hold her and a stranger brought her into the sealing room,) yet it was still such a powerful day for us. What a great feeling to know that she is ours forever and ever. I couldn't possibly be more grateful.

I love this girl more and more every single day. She is my buddy and I am really excited to make new memories with her as she gets older. (Even if I get a little sad that she's growing up.)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Times are A-Changin'!

Anticipation... its in the air!
I am hugely looking forward to a few things coming up.
First of all- Spring. There are few things better than the time in which the snow is finally gone, the grass is starting to get green and the leaves start budding. I cannot think of a better time for a fresh start, and this is when I really feel like making changes, or tackling new things. (And old things... spring cleaning anyone!)
So, with spring, comes the next thing that is changing for us.
We are moving in a month.
To Calgary.
The thing that I am finding weird about it is... I am excited. I hate Calgary. It is just too darn big for me, and there is just too much traffic. People don't know each other like they do here. However, I am looking forward to our move despite these things. Maybe its because I am so excited to do all these fun new things with the girls this time around. I am also so excited for Grace and Sophie to experience new things together, and grow even closer.
The biggest thing I am looking forward to though, is Brit's wedding. It is weird at times for me to think that my little sister is getting married, I mean, she's just little! (I am sure she'd love being called that being as she is turning 23 this year.) Irregardless of this though, I am really pumped! Watching her go through planning a wedding definitely makes me thankful to my Mom who pretty much did Ben's and my wedding on her own. (Sorry Mom!)

(This feels like it was a million years ago... In a good way!)
Its going to be so beautiful and soooo fun. I am super excited!
So, these are the things that are happening with us in the next few weeks and months. Times are changing, and I am optimistic about them. There is just something uplifting about this time in our life and I love it!