Sunday, November 2, 2008

***Yay for Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

So... Halloween has come and gone, and it was really fun this year! I was really unsure as to whether Grace would be ok with the whole "trick or treat" concept, being as she is so shy... but lo and behold- she totally got into it! (Might have had something to do with our only going to people's houses she already knows... but baby steps right!) She is all of a sudden really into ballerinas, so we vetoed the original plan of a tomato in favor of a ballet dancer... (albeit one with wings, ah, tit for tat.) She was the prettiest little ballerina I've ever seen anyway!

Attached to her daddy (Of course!)

Her first house!!! (Grandma's house)

She was quite proud of herself!

The last house of the night... Auntie Michelle and Uncle Bob's!

So, aside from our Halloween excitement, I have noticed that in the past two weeks my little toddler is changing. I don't know what is bringing it on, but its so much fun to watch! All of a sudden she is saying these new adult phrases, acting more mature and has even started wanting to play with other kids a lot more. Ok, I realize that the kid thing isn't a big deal for many, but it sadly is for us. Aside from her best friend Sophie, Grace has never really played with other kids, they kind of seem to intimidate her. So my new calling in Mom's and Tots should hopefully fix it a bit, and nursery seems to be helping, but overall I hadn't noticed a huge change, but this weekend that changed...
We went to Grandpa Todd and Grandma Lori's this weekend and their youngest daughter is only 11 days older than Grace. Now usually Calli is trying to play with Grace but she just sits on one of our laps and watches the kids play. However... this time she got right into playing alongside them! I swear, there is nothing cuter than watching 2 little girls whisper and giggle together!

Calli and Grace- getting their blanket situated

In their playhouse

Our little beauty

Other than all of our fun we've had this weekend, life has been interesting. Thanksgiving was a little bittersweet. Great in the sense that we got to see my family and Ben's mom's side of the family, and had wonderful meals with both of them, not to mention great quality time.

First Dinner at my parent's
Kaia was happy (Even if she couldn't have mashed potatoes!)

Daddy and his best friend Grace

Our happy Family

Next dinner- Next day!
Grandy, Ben and Kaia at Grandma Leanne's and Papa Jims

Gisty, Me and Grace

It was also a little sad though because my grandpa has been in the hospital for over a month and we couldn't share the holiday with him. (Or my gram or my aunt Kath who have been diligently by his side every step of the way.) On the bright side though, he is back in Lethbridge now, (from Calgary) and seems to be getting better. Grace does her part in cheering him up, she dances for him!
(Our budding ballerina!)

Kaia giving gramps some love

Gettin' a snuggle from my gramps

Anyway, life is good really, and we all count ourselves blessed to have the life we do! I want to quickly mention my new favorite thing Grace does and then I will end this longest blog ever! She used to listen to me say prayers at night, but I realized that she is perfectly capable of saying them herself, so we have been working on her saying them herself. She is doing really great, and whenever Ben is on the rigs, we pray that he will be watched over. So, to put herself to sleep at night I can hear her (after we have already said our prayers...) softly repeating over and over in her cute little voice, "please keep Daddy safe and warm Heavenly Father". (Of course, she says the same thing when he is home next to her in bed, and is definitely more than warm, not to mention perfectly safe, but you know what? I think he still appreciates it!)