Saturday, July 11, 2009

So, I'm not bitter or anything...

So, here is a little bit of a rant. Okay, maybe not a rant, but I wanted to get this off my chest, so here goes. I was at the park yesterday with Kel and we had been there for almost two hours, so I think that that combined with the fact that it was waaay past dinnertime, made f0r a Grace meltdown. She and Soph had been playing really well together, and then Grace wanted to go on the swing one more time. So we got over there and there was a mom with her one year old on the other one. Anyway, my scaredy cat daughter felt that the baby was swinging too high next to her, so she started crying and wanted out. (Side note... last time we went two twelve year old girls were swinging next to her as high as they could and as a result the swing set was bucking a little bit...) anyway, I was taking Grace out as she cried that she didn't really want to stop, just wanted the baby to stop swinging so high. The mom next to us asked if I needed her to take Kai while I got Grace out so I handed her over, and we did the customary "how old is your kid, they are cute/big/generic comment." Anyway, as she handed Kai back to me, she looks at Grace and says, "Spoiled brat huh?"
Okay, deep breath. I know that people are entitled to their own opinions and thoughts. I am sure that we have all thought that at some point or another about another child. However. I also feel ashamed of myself, b/c I know I did it BEFORE I had children. Who of us, (and I am talking Mothers all around the world) can honestly say that their child has never gotten frusterated, tired, hungry, overwhelmed, ect and gotten upset about something?
The funny thing is, I was more offended than mad. Honestly, when a perfect stranger all of a sudden critiques your child, not only in front of you, but in front of them as well, it just catches you so off guard! It sort of brings out the mama bear in you and you kind of want to lash back!
I tried taking the high road however, and just walked away. But I just wanted to comment on here, that I am sorry to anyone if you have ever felt like I (or anyone else for that matter) judged you or your parenting unfairly. I so totally know that being a mom isn't always tea parties and bubbles. There are the times where you kinda want to drop kick your child through a window... ok maybe thats a little harsh, but you know what I mean. Anyway, what I am trying to say is props to all the moms out there. Our job is super fun, I love it more than anything- But it is work from time to time. And this particular mom isn't passing judgement on anyone.

Anyway, here are some more pics from the aforementioned trip yesterday and a couple others.

Park Time!!!

Gracie and Nana.. Blowing bubbles at each other

My Apx husband and his baby
The Girls now have nightly bath nights together, and this was right after one at my house...
Our other daughter...So cute!