Thursday, February 26, 2009

25 Years Young

I have been meaning to do this for the past week now, and just haven't seemed to find the time. Now however, I am biting the bullet and finally posting a new blog! It is kind of self- indulgent however, so bare with me.
In lieu of Facebook, I am going to sort of steal the little "note" idea that is going around. I want to relate it toward the past year of my life though. It was my birthday last week and I kind of got thinking about what I had learned, how I had grown and what had really changed between year 24 to year 25. So, here is a list of things that I discovered in the past year...

  • 2 is better than 1! The biggest thing that changed for me was the birth of Kaia. I was concerned what a new addition would do to our family, but that proved to be fruitless worry! How could we be a family without our happy girl?
  • People can leave our lives much quicker than we think. Losing my uncle was one of the toughest things our family has ever endured. I still think of him every single day and I use his absence as a reminder to appreciate everyone I have and love.
  • My friends are so important to my life and sanity. I don't think I would be the person I am if I didn't have the influences of the girls around me! Kel is my long lost sister. Sometimes we are so much alike it is scary! Only she is the better version of me, and I am constantly inspired to improve upon myself in every way after being with her. I love her to death and would do anything for her! Tash is the girl everyone else wishes she could be. She is always so perfectly put together and self posessed, (even when in sweats!) This is not to mention the fact that the girl's taste in everything from clothes to decor is impeccable! I have stolen many style tips from her, and will continue doing so. Much more importantly though- there is not a selfless bone in her body, and she would do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat. Without complaint. Marisa- she is the girl who you go to when you need someone you can count on. She will tell you the truth no matter what, and honestly, it is a true friend who can be that person for you. She just gets me and when I have needed her I have always known she is there. From being a bridesmaid for me five years ago, to being a best friend today, we have been through some tough times in each other's lives, but through it all we've had each other's backs and that is something that truly is invaluable to me. Then there is my sis. Brit and I have had some times. Growing up they weren't so good. (Sorry Brizz!) Now, all we can do is laugh at how far we've come! We live three steps away from each other, and we talk at least three times a day. Mom really was right, we did become each other's best friend.
  • My husband and girls are (and should be!) my main focus. Everything else works itself out. By this I mean, if I have happiness at home, if Ben and I are still lovin' each other as we should, and talking as we should, than my girls are happy. If the girls are happy and the parents are happy, we can take on anything and anyone that comes our way. Bottom line is we have each other, and thats all we need. (Sounds trite, but it is true!)
I don't feel older, I don't feel wiser, and I know that I am still discovering who I am, and who I can become, but I also know that I am learning things here and there and thats what life is about. And mine is definitely a great one!

Blowing out the B-day Candles!!

Brit and I

My Babe and Our Girls

I don't quite know what is up with his smile,
but it made me laugh, so here it is.

The Chicks

Me and My

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Missed Moments? Not anymore!

Last night we were sitting here watching Grace dance (for the millionth time..) and I realized that I hadn't watched any of the videos we have taken over the past seven months. (We bought the camera right before Kaia was born.) Anyway, so we proceeded to watch them before bed. A ton of things struck me as we watched and laughed at our videos. So, here are my observations...
  • Our kids grow up so darn fast! Just the way Grace has changed since August blew my mind! How did I miss that?!
  • How much their looks change! I need to be more diligent about taking pictures b/c Kaia does NOT look the same- at all.
  • How cute their little ideas and thoughts are. Where do they come up with some of the stuff they say? For example, at one point in a video I asked Grace where Daddy was working, she said, "Manitoba", (right) We were making him a birthday cake, so I asked her to put the marshmallows into the bowl, she told me they were "smarchpallows" (yeah, kinda right...) then I asked her how excited she was for Daddy to come home and have his cake. Her answer? "Three." K, well of course! That makes perfect sense.
  • Kids dancing techniques have got to be the funniest thing out there. If any of you have been at my house, then you will undoubtedly know exactly what I am talking about. Grace puts a dance show on every chance she gets, and I've gotta say, the kids creative!
  • Baby's laughter is the sweetest sound-ever. We started recording Kai's laughter as soon as it started. And, being the doting parents we are, we then proceeded to film her every time she got going each month after. I dare anyone to refrain from joining in when a baby gets going. We sure can't!
  • Britney Spears "Circus" and "Womanizer" songs are the soundtrack to our life. (Apparently they are the "best dancing songs"... who knew?
  • How sad you get when only six months have passed and you realize that your parents, grandparents, ect were right. They do grow up too fast, and they do change in the blink of an eye!
I have now decided that, although I thought I tried to appreciate all the little moments, I need to try harder. My little girls are growing up faster than I want, and although I made Grace promise not to get older than 3, I kinda have a feeling she is going to break that vow.
So, while I didn't make any New Year's Resolutions, I am going to make a "Mommy Resolution" ... I am going to sit back and try to (wholeheartedly!!) take in my family. The other stuff isn't going anywhere, and I could miss out on memories if I don't!