Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Musings...

I have been having a few days lately that for some reason found me experiencing some life reflection. Here are a few of the thoughts that have popped up...

*Kids can whine, nag, and drive you so crazy you start questioning your decision to become a parent. However, the second they finally fall asleep and you see their tiny little eyelashes lying against their cheeks and their tiny little fists curled up against their chests you remember the meaning of it all.

*Christmas is wonderful and it is a great opportunity to see family and friends and be reminded of all we have to be thankful for... (or is that Thanksgiving...) but it shouldn't be the only time of year it happens. I need to try and remind myself daily of how grateful I am to have my friends and family so I stop taking them for granted.
*Every girl needs a good support system and I have that not only in my husband and family, but also in my circle of friends. I am so darn grateful to have the friends I do, and I don't know what I would do without them.

Previously we had had a goofy photoshoot-
Soph was still in that mode...

I had a great Christmas, we saw lots of family, ate lots of food, and were VERY spoiled. I hope that the new year is as great for us as last year was, and i wish the same to everyone else.

Papa and his girls Christmas morning
The Chicks on Christmas Morning
Gracie and Daddy
Me and my Gone With the Wind
box set... sooooo excited!
Kai and her rocking horse from Mama and Papa

Me and my honey...

Kai and her very favorite person...
Yes, my gram made Ben that hat. So special.

At the Little family dinner

The Wolsey Clan
So, Grace was still thinking about that photoshoot
from earlier in the week, and kept yelling,
"Grumpy Face! Grumpy Face!"
This is the reason behind it all...
I am so incredibly grateful to have these two in my life.
They mean so much to me and I just love them so much!