Sunday, August 9, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel!

So as a lot of you know, my little sister Brit got married a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful day and everything went really well. She was the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, and I truly mean that. It's kind of weird when your baby sis gets married and grows up, but I am really proud of who she has become. She is a really good, smart, caring and thoughtful person and I am so blessed to have her in my life. Its funny, because growing up we really had our moments and my mom would always tell us that we would become best friends when we grew up, something we never believed would ever in a million years happen. Well, lo and behold, mom did know best and I count on her more than I ever believed possible. We have never gone a day without talking to each other on the phone (sometimes two or three or four times...) and I have really missed her while we have been living up here.
Anyway, she got married on the 25 of July and I have to say, I am happy she married who she did. We didn't super hit it off right off the bat, but over the past year I have really grown to love Brad. He treats my sister so well, and he has truly become a part of my family. We went on a little family lunch the day after the wedding, and it was really neat to have him there with us, it felt right.
Anyway, here are a few pictures from the wedding... Mandy again, was our photographer... and we just love her to death!!!

Grace was the flower girl and took her role very seriously!

My beautiful baby sis...
The new Mr. and Mrs. Tyssen Our bouquets... gorgeous!

So cute!
Brit the Supermodel!

The Reception Tents Our Marvelous Ginnie made the best cake and cupcakes!
(...Edible Elegance! Its the BEST!!!)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My baby isn't a baby anymore...

Well, I have a couple posts I want to do, but this one is first and foremost. My little baby is now a little toddler. I don't really know when the threshold from baby to not-baby is, but I am pretty sure that Kaia crossed it. Its funny how you look at your little one one day, and then all of a sudden the next she isn't as small and helpless as she used to be. I am different from a lot of moms I know in the sense that I don't LOVE the whole baby stage. My favorite time in a child's life isn't when they are first born and all tiny and needy. (I actually really adored 2 and I actually find myself looking forward to each new age, because it seems like it just gets more and more fun!) So, sorry to digress, back to my point... I am not sad that Kaia is one now. I am excited, because it seems like the past three weeks have brought out this little personality and I am so excited to get to know my little princess a little better!

Kaia's Birthday Pary/My Sister's Wedding Rehearsal

So... my mom and dad got Kai a cake, and being as she is NOT a child to shy away from making a mess we were kind of anticipating a good show... we were in for a disappointment! She just kind of poked at it a few times and that was it. Oh well, maybe next year!!